Cubby 4 - 2018-04-17 at 09-22-35.jpg

Meet Cubby, a bundle of sweetness and kitten energy who likes people and cats and cuddles. With his dazzling tabby swirls he's a handsome young guy; but it's his personality you'll fall in love with. Still well under a year old yet not so high energy he'll make you crazy, his silly behavior will still make you laugh. And he always has time to cuddle. He'd love another gentle boy to pal around with and if you have one of those and lots of love, your home may be a perfect fit for Cubby!


Bella 2 - 2018-04-03 at 14-53-33.jpg

Bella 3 - 2018-04-03 at 14-53-12.jpg

Beautiful Bella has been homeless too long! She's quiet and polite but she's always curious. This smart girl's a well-mannered lap cat with a cheerful disposition who will charmingly greet you each time you walk through your door. This pretty little six-year-old kitty would thrive in a quiet home as your one and only, four-legged, happy best friend. All she needs is a simple special diet and her finally forever home!


Flower 1 - 2018-03-31 at 13-52-18.jpg

A perfect young girl, the once homeless Flower is a truly beautiful cat with her flashy black and white coat and golden eyes. But it's her outgoing, loving personality that will make you fall head over heels! A hand holding, purring, rolling ball of affection who's just a little bit silly, this good mannered, big hearted kitty is also open to living with another gentle feline.


Arnold - 2017-11-13 at 08-43-37.jpg

Show Arnold we're better than this!

Steadfastly loyal, gentle and sweet, Arnold stayed nearly a year on the porch of what had once been his home after he'd been discarded by his family who were cruelly attempting to shoo him away. Neighbors fed him and brought him blankets during that first difficult winter until this tabby boy found Friends of Felines.
What we found in Arnold was a confused and shy boy with a fever and a severely painful mouth infection. We knew we could give him care, warmth and food but we had to find a way to take his mouth pain away. And thanks to Cornell University Veterinary Hospital, we did.

So meet the new Arnold who is still a bit shy but gaining in confidence each day. He's an absolute sweetie and a handsome, gentle, green eyed tabby boy who would love to be your one and only, or may share you with one other gentle kitty.


Po and Monkey - 2018-02-16 at 07-44-27.jpg

It may be hard to believe anyone can toss kittens born in their home outside with no way to fend for themselves, but that's how we found Po and Monkey, hiding in a mud hole and climbing a bird feeder to eat suet.

Harder still to believe these two brothers would not only live once we got our hands on them, but then absolutely thrive and go on to grow into normal, healthy big kittens who love each other, are playful, affectionate and full of life? That's what we call rescue and that's just amazing!

Practically perfect Po and silly, acrobatic Monkey are ready for a loving home.


Chuck 2 - 2018-02-12 at 17-38-08.jpg

Please welcome Chuck, our gregarious and curious tabby boy who can't get enough of the new world he's found himself in. Chuck has no idea he's been evicted from the only home he knew. He seems to think he's on a great adventure and he wants to know everything about every new face and every new thing. He's a silly young boy just over a year who would appreciate the kinship of another kitty but will always be most interested in you.