Please meet our very good boy Buddy, an enchanted and enchanting kitten who can't seem to stop being amazed by his good fortune. A little shy, this born-outside very cute youngster can't get over the Wonderland he see's now that he's inside. Food, warmth, safety and someone to love him? Buddy is astounded!

Buddy has also tested positive for feline leukemia, and that means his life may be shortened. We haven't told Buddy this may make it difficult for him to be adopted, because for now this gray and white cutie pie with a spot on his nose is so happy to be alive and loved and learning what a family is all about, no one wants to burst his bubble.

Buddy could lovingly live a full and happy life with a quiet home as an only cat, or with a gentle dog. If you are interested in giving Buddy a chance to know a real home with the love he so deserves, and want to understand feline leukemia, feel free to contact Friends of Felines!



My name is Jack.

I was taken inside by a kind person who was surprised to find me licking frozen crumbs off plates left outside in her yard. I'm grateful because I was hungry and it was freezing out there! My leg had been broken and, because I belonged to no one, it knitted back together in it's own fashion. I limp only a little now, but I don't feel impaired one bit by my broken leg. I only worry I will not find a home because I have tested positive for FIV. Let me say that FIV is not a death sentence. I would live a long and happy life (I am only 1 1/2 years of age!) if I only had a home where I was cared for. All I need is good food, routine medical care and love -- no more than any cat deserves.

FIV is not easily transmissible. It is not contagious to dogs or humans and is rarely contagious to cats. I would have to seriously bite another cat, so deeply that my saliva would be deposited directly into his bloodstream. But I, Jack, abhor violence, so I wouldn't do this. I would only groom and play and that's OK for me to do! I am so much more than a cat who tested positive for FIV. I am a cat who loves people, who rolls on my back for belly rubs, who kneads and purrs and dreams of chasing mice.

I am a cat who needs to be loved. I am a cat who will make you happy. My name is Jack and that's my story.