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September 25, 2004


It’s hard to describe what Sunny was like – we’d been feeding him in Greenwich all this winter but he’d probably been outside for longer then that. He wasn’t neutered and rarely showed himself to us – we thought he was probably feral.

When we finally trapped him, he was filthy and covered with mats and ticks, but he wasn’t feral at all – just a little afraid and very, very tired. He slept away his first week inside.

What a beautiful, sweet cat he turned out to be! All he wants is to be picked up and loved.

Sunny doesn’t worry about mats anymore because his new family argues over who gets to brush him next!

Posted by Becky at 11:49 PM

Sammi & Sammy

Sammi from Stamford and Sammy from Greenwich

Two boys who used to live on the streets finally get to relax in a home of their own.

We hear they know how to have a pretty good time too!

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