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November 30, 2005

EVA - Adopted November 2005


From Eva's new home: "She is so sweet and as you can see very beautiful (she has amazing markings and gorgeous green eyes) and obviously the only time I can get a shot of her is when she is resting!!! Also included is a picture of Meow Meow sleeping in my shoe box. I didn't want to leave her out!"

Thanks for sharing Eva's good news with us.

Posted by Becky at 04:42 PM

November 19, 2005

BEAR & TINA (not pictured) - Adopted November 2005


Best friends find a new home together!

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November 10, 2005

LOLA & CINDY SUE - Adopted October 2005


New owner writes us "They are happy, happy, happy in their new home!"

(We're always happy to hear post-adoption news)

Posted by Becky at 10:20 PM

November 06, 2005

TIKKA - Adopted October, 2005


Posted by Becky at 10:24 PM

NICKY AND PUDGE - Adopted June & October, 2005

Nicky was adopted June, 2005 and was joined by Pudge in October, 2005.

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IZZY - Adopted October, 2005


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