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September 24, 2007

EMMA - Adopted September, 2007


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ANGEL BOY - Adopted September, 2007


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September 21, 2007

What is really in Pet Food?

Click on this link to articles on the website for the Animal Protection Institute.

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Is Your Cat Overweight?

Do you know if your cat is overweight? Is your cat sluggish? Can cereal clean your cat's teeth? Want to fend off the growing epidemic of Chronic Renal Failure, Irritable Bowel Disease, Urinary Tract Disease,
Constipation and Diabetes?

For more information on feline nutrition click here for information from catinfo.org

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Humane Education - a teacher or otherwise qualified adult who believes that teaching the next generation to be kind to animals is the right thing to do

Marketing - if you are creative and responsive

Public Relations - if you are professional, comfortable speaking in public and familiar with handling media

Administration/Suppport - picking up phone messages a few times a day or once or twice a week

Fostering - if you have the space and a little spare time to make a difference in a cat's life

Trapping - oh come on, it's easier than you think! If you know cats, like the outdoors, and have a little patience, this might be for you!

Miscellaneous - whatever we need - hanging flyers, staffing our table for education or fundraising events, transporting cats to and from hospital

For more information about these and other potential volunteer opportunities, please contact Friends of Felines by telephone: 203-363-0220 or send email to cats@fofct.org

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FRASIER - Adopted September, 2007


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September 05, 2007

ARCHIE - Adopted September, 2007


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September 03, 2007

MO - Adopted September, 2007


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September 02, 2007

AGATHA - Adopted September, 2007


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NINA (Mittens) - Adopted September, 2007


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September 01, 2007

SAMUEL - Adopted September, 2007


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DON GATO - Adopted September, 2007


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MS. BOO - Adopted September, 2007


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