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May 30, 2008


Buster came exactly as advertised by FoF: "friendly, outgoing, affectionate, fearless," happy and joyful -- and aptly named. He adapted quickly to his new home & family. Our previous cat, Bean, was a 19-year old 4 lbs female (also a rescue cat, adopted by my sister in Bamako, Mali, in west Africa), so we had some additional cat-proofing to do as Buster is a 10-month old 8.5 lbs male with a world still to explore and conquer -- "fearless". (When we got her at age 16, Bean's attitude was more "been there, done that".)

He covered every inch of the house the first weekend but now he's settled into some favorite spots. Our 6-foot wide kitchen window is his wide-screen, hi-def, channel to watch the antics of chipmunks, squirrels, and birds, so we are no more likely to break him of jumping onto the kitchen counter than my wife is to cure me of watching football or boxing. But he is almost cured of jumping on the dinner table -- he takes his revenge from an unused dining chair, hiding under the tablecloth with paws awaiting a careless hand or knee.

He's broken nothing and, as he learned his terrain over the week, he now almost never tips anything over. (We followed him around that first weekend moving, rearranging, or removing the vulnerable.) He also likes the floor-level living room windows with a view of the trees immediately behind the house. Like Bean, he loves to curl-up on the ottoman, preferably against my wife's feet wrapped in a wool throw, in the sunroom where we watch TV and read. He'll also stare out the sunroom's sliding glass doors to the deck, watching avian trespassers.

With his long legs and, when flexed, his surprisingly large paws this lanky feline has room to grow. And he loves to play. This strapping youth quickly finished off Bean's old toys and then a few of his new ones. Like Bean, he loves those mini-fishing poles with elastic string and an artificial mouse or bird and a bell at the end. He catches enough "big air" chasing those to be the envy of any snow- or skateboarder. A 20-inch scratching post has been replaced by a 30" one. My wife ordered a 5-foot tall "Cat Club House" to replace the two 5-foot bookshelves in her office that were his initial window perch (see photos). And then there's the mesh-enclosed 6-foot long "Kittywalk" with a 5-foot tall "penthouse" so he can enjoy the deck in good weather as, unlike old Bean, brawny Buster is eager to try the 5-foot leap from the deck into the wild woods of deer, skunks, and turkeys.

Despite his high-energy at night he is content to climb in bed and snuggle between us, sleeping through the night. Of course if you move your feet too much under the covers ... well, how's he to know there's not some wild beast crawling beneath the comforter that he should attend to? We were worried how he'd adapt to being home alone Monday thru Friday, but he seems quite content. This weekend he's quieter, taking cat-naps during the day, so the first weekend's high activity level was probably just a normal reaction to a new environment.

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May 04, 2008

MISSY - Adopted May, 2008


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May 03, 2008

PEANUT - Adopted May, 2008


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May 02, 2008

KARA - Adopted May, 2008


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May 01, 2008

THOMAS - Adopted May, 2008


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