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March 28, 2011


Meet Gus and Annie, a brother and sister who narrowly escaped living their lives outside covered by snow. Gus is mostly orange while Annie is a tortie,mostly black but with some orange - when she hangs her leg over her brother, her perfect orange toe blends so well into her brother's coat it can be hard to tell where one starts and the other ends! Both are a little shy at first but warm up fast and love being pet and carried around. They love eating, too!

Annie is chatty, chirping and trilling at whatever interests her (which is everything) and Gus is a mush, rolling on your feet and begging to be picked up.

They don't have to be adopted together, although they could make a great pair. Either way, these two late-2010 babies are looking for their own, forever homes.

Posted by Nick at 09:38 AM