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June 18, 2012

BABY - Adopted June, 2012


A pretty girl who never had a real home of her own, worked through the harsh environment of PetSmart, charmed the pants right off of a couple looking for a cat just like the cat Baby finally grew into - and Baby's new family just loves her exactly as she is!

Posted by Nick at 06:36 PM

VALENTINO - Adopted June, 2012


A scared and homeless kitty who once trembled to be touched, but is now a lucky someone's best friend.

Posted by Nick at 01:57 PM

JAZZ AND MONET - Adopted June, 2012

jazz (1).jpgmonet (1).jpg

Adopted by a retired musician and retired artist, and how funny is that?

Posted by Nick at 01:53 PM

June 15, 2012

AVA & ALANA - Adopted June, 2012


From a mixed up home to without any home at all, these two girls got lucky and landed in one of the best homes ever!

Posted by Nick at 10:39 PM

June 10, 2012

HOOT - Adopted June, 2012


His new best friend is a child who really needed a friend, and Hoot, understanding where he was needed, immediately became this child's best friend ever.

Posted by Nick at 10:26 PM

June 01, 2012

PRINCESS - Adopted June, 2012


Of course she would be adopted - who would not want such a beautiful cat!

Posted by Nick at 10:22 PM