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June 25, 2012

Visit FOF Cats for Adoption in person at Just Cats Veterinary Hospital

justcatslogo (1).jpgFriends of Felines is proud to be partners with Just Cats Veterinary Hospital. Just Cats has been providing veterinary care in our area since 1991. Their custom, cat-friendly facility at 1029 East Main Street in Stamford has an adoption area inside the Just Cats Store on the first level. Come in and visit some of the Friends of Felines cats and kittens that are waiting for adoption. The Just Cats store and adoption area are open from 8am Monday through Saturday. To visit the Just Cats website click justcatsonline.com

Posted by Nick at 04:51 PM

June 18, 2012

BABY - Adopted June, 2012


A pretty girl who never had a real home of her own, worked through the harsh environment of PetSmart, charmed the pants right off of a couple looking for a cat just like the cat Baby finally grew into - and Baby's new family just loves her exactly as she is!

Posted by Nick at 06:36 PM

VALENTINO - Adopted June, 2012


A scared and homeless kitty who once trembled to be touched, but is now a lucky someone's best friend.

Posted by Nick at 01:57 PM

JAZZ AND MONET - Adopted June, 2012

jazz (1).jpgmonet (1).jpg

Adopted by a retired musician and retired artist, and how funny is that?

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June 15, 2012

AVA & ALANA - Adopted June, 2012


From a mixed up home to without any home at all, these two girls got lucky and landed in one of the best homes ever!

Posted by Nick at 10:39 PM

June 10, 2012

HOOT - Adopted June, 2012


His new best friend is a child who really needed a friend, and Hoot, understanding where he was needed, immediately became this child's best friend ever.

Posted by Nick at 10:26 PM

June 01, 2012

PRINCESS - Adopted June, 2012


Of course she would be adopted - who would not want such a beautiful cat!

Posted by Nick at 10:22 PM