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October 28, 2012

MALIBU - Adopted October, 2012


Posted by Nick at 08:37 AM

October 27, 2012

ZIPPY - Adopted October, 2012


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October 26, 2012

DILLON - Adopted October, 2012

dillon_sleeping.jpg dillon-belly (1).jpg

Dillon gets a new home to show off the beautiful spot on his belly.

Posted by Nick at 02:31 PM

October 25, 2012

PENNE - Adopted October, 2012


Penne adopted with one of his 7 brothers.

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October 24, 2012

MAX - Adopted October, 2012


Max's foster home fell in love with his quirky behavior and his cute and comical whiskers. He still doesn't always come when he is called but they love him anyways, and they are not giving Max up!

Posted by Nick at 09:21 PM

October 23, 2012

"COW" KITTENS - Adopted October, 2012

palaski kittens.jpg

Cow kittens all adopted - two as a pair, one as a companion to another youngster, and one (who always liked dogs better) to a home with a dog!

Posted by Nick at 11:27 PM

October 22, 2012

SPRING KITTENS - Adopted October, 2012

dena's kittens.jpg

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October 21, 2012

LITTLE BIT - Adopted October, 2012

Little Bit, now Luke Skywalker, has a new big brother and he is loving his new life.

Posted by Nick at 10:39 PM

October 20, 2012

CAPTAIN JACK - Adopted October, 2012

captain Jack.jpg

Cap't Jack, with his one good eye, gets a home where he is welcomed with a cake, with candles, and a banner reading "Welcome Home, Jack" and all is well!

Posted by Nick at 10:34 PM

October 19, 2012

GRADY - Adopted October, 2012


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October 18, 2012

SWEETIE - Adopted October, 2012

Sweetie has a four year old boy who speaks to her in French, and kisses the top of her head when he tells her he loves her. Sweetie also likes to watch football games.

Posted by Nick at 10:35 PM

GRAHAM - Adopted October, 2012


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October 17, 2012

RIVER - Adotped October, 2012


River has a new home and it's more than by a river - now he lives near Long Island Sound!

Posted by Nick at 10:30 PM

PEPPER - Adopted October, 2012

Pepper gets a home and a chance to stretch her legs and knead her new mom's chest.

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October 16, 2012

BABE - Adopted October, 2012

Babe won't be going to a Yankee's game anytime soon. She would rather not leave her new family!

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October 15, 2012

DAVEY - Adopted October, 2012

After months and months of growing up at PetSmart, Davy finally found his real home, where his monkey antics are an endless source of amusement.

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October 14, 2012

BELLA ROSE - Adopted October, 2012

bella rose.jpg

Bella Rose is more than purr-fect, curling up in a sink or stretching out on her back, belly up for all the world to see!

Posted by Nick at 10:03 PM

October 07, 2012


Lizzie (1).jpg

Little Lizzie had an incurable, inherited "brittle bone" disease. We will miss her.

Posted by Nick at 08:45 PM