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November 22, 2017


Azure 1 - 2017-11-04 at 14-54-09.jpg

Azure is the color of the sky on a perfectly sunny summer's day. We named this gorgeous kitty for her perfect sunny personality. But you can call her "Azzie" for short, or how about "cuddle-bunny", or "love-bug", or "huggy-bear"... Because that is what she is. When one of our volunteers came to visit her for the first time, sweet Azzie jumped from the cat stand onto the volunteer's shoulder to give a huge kitty cuddle and purr into our volunteer's ear. But that's Azzie for you. She just LOVES hugs, and being held, and sitting on a lap, and being petted.

And being loving isn't her only quality. She's also young and beautiful -- with such a sweet face, a long tail, mesmerizing green eyes, and soft-as-velvet charcoal-grey fur. Gorgeous doesn't describe her. She was found abandoned and living under a porch, but it hasn't affected her ability to love and show affection. She is also missing her rear right foot, but that hasn't disaffected her ability to jump, play, chase a toy mouse, or give those all-important snuggles. Azzie is spayed, fully vaccinated, and negative for feline viruses. Why not let this little "love cat" be your cure?

Posted by Nick at November 22, 2017 02:42 PM