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November 22, 2017


pippi just in - 2017-11-18 at 15-57-17.jpg

Here's a rescue story to be thankful for! This ten-week-old kitten was spotted on a large piece of land in Greenwich, just out there by herself, and crying. Luckily for this tiny girl, her cries attracted a FOF volunteer and not a hawk and here she is on only her second day with us.

Pippi is so interested in the noise and activity around her she wants to be part of it, too. In a week or two, Pippi will be tested for feline viruses, vaccinated, microchipped and spayed then she'll be ready for her own home. Just look at Pippi's face - didn't we say there was something special about black cats?

Posted by Nick at 02:53 PM


Lizzie - 2017-10-21 at 15-33-17.jpg Miranda - 2017-10-21 at 15-36-14.jpg

Kittens make our hearts melt, and these two made us especially gooey. Lizzie and Miranda are sisters and they are best friends. They do everything together -- snuggle, sleep, groom, play, eat. They are 'dressed' differently, but both have that sweet air of innocence, gentle dispositions, and wide trusting eyes. These well-mannered girls need to be homed together -- it's better for kittens in general to have a play-mate, and these two genuinely love each other.

Lizzie and Miranda were born into a family with too many other pets, so Friends of Felines agreed to help them find a new home. But both girls knew love and affection from people, and will adjust quickly to being back in a home environment again. They are ready to go to their new family and can't wait to be your new bundles of furry joy.

Posted by Nick at 02:51 PM


Gordo 1 - 2017-10-21 at 15-32-39.jpg

This little buckaroo is ready to rope 'em and ride 'em! Gordo is full of dynamite energy and zoom. Never a dull moment with this zany tiger-nut around. Since Gordo is what we would call a "rough-houser", he really needs another energetic boy kitty (feisty kitten or young male) to wrestle with because he needs a safe, fun, non-destructive way to work out all those beans.

When he's not romping, he's doing what other super-cute kittens do -- napping, purring, and looking for treats and petting. He's going to grow into one of those awesome cats who loves to play and be the entertainment for the family. Who wants an explosion of fun in their life? Come and get him!! Gordo is neutered, vaccinated, and raring to go.

Posted by Nick at 02:44 PM


Azure 1 - 2017-11-04 at 14-54-09.jpg

Azure is the color of the sky on a perfectly sunny summer's day. We named this gorgeous kitty for her perfect sunny personality. But you can call her "Azzie" for short, or how about "cuddle-bunny", or "love-bug", or "huggy-bear"... Because that is what she is. When one of our volunteers came to visit her for the first time, sweet Azzie jumped from the cat stand onto the volunteer's shoulder to give a huge kitty cuddle and purr into our volunteer's ear. But that's Azzie for you. She just LOVES hugs, and being held, and sitting on a lap, and being petted.

And being loving isn't her only quality. She's also young and beautiful -- with such a sweet face, a long tail, mesmerizing green eyes, and soft-as-velvet charcoal-grey fur. Gorgeous doesn't describe her. She was found abandoned and living under a porch, but it hasn't affected her ability to love and show affection. She is also missing her rear right foot, but that hasn't disaffected her ability to jump, play, chase a toy mouse, or give those all-important snuggles. Azzie is spayed, fully vaccinated, and negative for feline viruses. Why not let this little "love cat" be your cure?

Posted by Nick at 02:42 PM


Birch 2 - 2017-11-04 at 16-17-17.jpg

Did you ever think the Universe makes so many black cats simply because they are so great? Each is an individual with their own personality and Birch definitely has one. He's sometimes a goofball kicking around like the silly boy he is, and sometimes he's just Zen.

Birch is a good and smart boy with all the energy young males have, so we'd really like to see him with another boy cat who will welcome both his silly side and his affection and be the endlessly entertaining, affectionate addition to the home he deserves.

Posted by Nick at 02:41 PM

Jasper and Howie

Jasper - 2017-11-04 at 16-07-31.jpg Howie - 2017-11-04 at 16-06-12.jpg

Two bonded brothers we won't separate, Jasper and Howie are each warm and friendly, chatty boys still under a year old. They love each other and they love people even though they were left outside on a sidewalk in a box. Energetic and entertaining, gentle and loving, Howie and Jasper are somewhat naive, well mannered, good natured and handsome young guys. They may be the ones in need of a home but honestly, who wouldn't be lucky to belong to them!

Posted by Nick at 02:34 PM


Jesse 2 - 2017-10-21 at 15-12-45.jpg

Jesse's a good natured goofball. His medium haired, black and white tuxedo coat is splattered with white and that makes him remarkably different to look at, but it's his personality that really makes him stand out. If you tip him upside down, he doesn't mind. Hug him, love him, carry him around - he's good with all of that. Laid back and loving, Jesse's the perfect kitten. We would love to see Jesse go with another gentle cat or a family with the time and love to give him.

Posted by Nick at 02:30 PM


Melissa 2 - 2017-09-16 at 22-53-40.jpg

Who is this delightful tomboy package of feisty fun? Well, it’s Melissa of course! This little beauty is sociable and oh so smart. You think you closed that cabinet? Think again! You put those toys away? Nope, she found them. And what a great game that is. For all that Melissa is the life of the party, she’s a well-mannered girl with a great disposition. She’s down with a petting session as much as she's up for a game of ball chasing. With one of the prettiest marble tabby coats we’ve seen and a look that says, “who, me?”, Melissa is sure to bring joy and adventure to your life. She would pair well with an existing cat who likes to play, or let our volunteers help you find a good match among our other kitty-loves.

Posted by Nick at 02:23 PM


Missy 2 - 2017-03-29 at 23-20-33.jpg

Missy came from an overcrowded home of 40 cats, gave birth shortly after being rescued and lovingly raised three beautiful kittens. Now it's her turn.

This beautifully marked, golden tinged tabby girl is two to three years of age. Once she gets to know you, Missy's affectionate, loyal, easy going and well mannered. She's a smart and funny kitty who's wise beyond her years because she's already been through so much. If you're looking for someone to quietly cuddle with and maybe share secrets, Missy's looking for exactly the same.

Posted by Nick at 02:21 PM


Wilbur - 2017-11-04 at 15-04-47.jpg

This really sweet, chubby cheeked, handsome young boy is looking for a friend who will love him right back but this time for good. Wilber was only two years of age when he lost the only family he'd ever known. He's a really good and gentle boy who wants nothing more than to cuddle with a well behaved dog, cat, or human. Couch anyone?

Posted by Nick at 02:18 PM


Little Smudge  - 2017-10-24 at 20-02-06.jpg

Green-eyed Little Smudge is a mostly white kitty with a subtle smudge atop her head. Her siblings are sister, Luna and brother, Bold Talk. Curious and smart, Little Smudge makes sweet chirping sounds while exploring, and she finds it easy to play with just about anything. Track ball toys are a favorite! And after a few minutes of full power play she will be your best snuggle buddy! Fun to watch and great to cuddle with, Little Smudge is one of five kittens fostered by a family with two young children. She's always known love and now she's very ready for her new, forever family.

Posted by Nick at 02:11 PM


Luna 1 - 2017-10-29 at 12-50-29.jpg

With all-white fur and beautiful, pale blue eyes, Luna seems a little shy but she's very sweet and silly. She can sneak up and pounce like Cato from the Pink Panther, and will defend whatever toy she’s playing with using a not-too-subtle grrr! Her siblings are brother, Bold Talk and sister, Little Smudge. Luna loves company and will call out for a companion when she finds herself alone. One of five kittens fostered by a family with two young children, Luna’s known nothing but love and she's ready now to leap into her forever home.

Posted by Nick at 02:10 PM


Bald Talk - 2017-10-27 at 15-48-09.jpg

Born a day ahead of his siblings, Luna & Little Smudge, blue-eyed Bold Talk's a born leader! He has a definitive dark mark atop his head, and is otherwise entirely white. Named after a favorite line from the John Wayne classic, True Grit, BT's a cheerful and affectionate guy. He’s brave and gutsy, too, even loving to cuddle unabashedly with a foster dog brother with strong prey instincts. BT can be a bit protective of his food dish and special toy, but mostly he loves companionship and having someone to play with. One of five kittens fostered by a family with two young children, BT has had a lot of loving care and this handsome boy is more than ready for his lucky new, forever home.

Posted by Nick at 02:08 PM