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August 12, 2018


Butternut, Cats, FOF, pets  _DSC4061Butternut with eyes painted_July 30, 2018.jpg

How can you resist that face? Butternut was a young tomcat trapped when we rescued some kittens. Older, more experienced toms don't easily share their territories with their younger brothers, and Butternut had plenty of battle scars to show for that. But his facial wounds have healed and he is gaining weight.

This handsome, high energy, now neutered youngster is looking to complete his transition into a home. He is smart, very attentive and has a big personality. An athletic cat, he loves to play and exercise. Like many adults rescued from the street, he is focused on food and like most young toms, love nips are still part of his vocabulary. However, with time, we expect both behaviors will subside. If you are an experienced cat person or family (older children only) looking for an energetic companion, Butternut could be for you!

Posted by Nick at August 12, 2018 02:36 PM