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December 26, 2018


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Meet Stinky a two-year-old found on the street. He had a very rough start in life (see below). Despite his past, he is a sweet, energetic, and gentle cat who absolutely loves to be with people. Everyone who meets him is smitten and he is the rock star of the boarding facility!

In his past, we think he was hit by a car as he has a right-side head tilt, cannot blink his right eye, and has some other scars. He needs daily eye drops but none of this slows him down. Additionally, as a tomcat, he was obligated to fight other tomcats leading to his FIV-positive status. But, please don’t let this deter you. FIV-positive cats can live long and happy lives. Stinky just needs decent food, routine vet care, and lots of love (the same as any cat). FIV is passed to other cats through deep bite wounds but Stinky is not looking to fight now – he is just looking for love. He could even safely live with another cat. FIV is not transmitted from cats to humans or dogs. Ask us about FIV. Also, the bestfriends.org website has some good information on FIV if you click here.

Stinky is an amazing, resilient, and charming cat who will bring someone or some family a lot of joy. Click here to submit an adoption application for Stinky.

Please note we only adopt out cats to families in lower Fairfield County and nearby New York.

Posted by Nick at December 26, 2018 03:15 PM