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January 08, 2019


Cats, FOF, Kitty Seaton, pets _DSC3961_July 18, 2018-2.jpg Cats, FOF, pts, seaton IMG_9895_September 17, 2018-2.jpg

Star Athlete Looking for a Team: Seaton is our star athlete who was rescued from the streets. He is a handsome, high energy, one-year-old cat with a big personality. His favorite past times include tug-of-war and chasing feathers on strings. He is inquisitive and can be quite chatty. He enjoys pets and being held but sometimes he doesn't - he'll let you know!

Seaton is like many rescued tomcats, it takes a while for them to learn to communicate without love nips. If you are an experienced cat person or family (no young children) looking to draft an entertaining and active companion, Seaton could be perfect for your team!

Click here to submit an adoption application for Seaton.

Please note we only adopt out cats to families in lower Fairfield County and nearby New York.

Posted by Nick at January 8, 2019 08:25 AM