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June 13, 2020


Cats, Cougar, FOF, pets IMG_8122_June 05, 2019 - 2019-06-05 at 16-59-30.jpg

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Meet Cougar, a six-year old tabby who looks a bit like his wild feline namesake. He was surrendered by his family because he was not getting along with other cats in the home. He is living in a FOF foster home and now it’s time to find him a forever home.

Cougar acts like a teenager: running around, playing on his cat tree, chasing toys, and watching TV. He likes to be around people, comes when called, and hangs out with the family on the couch. He’s got a little cattitude but sends very clear signals when he wants a little space. In the ideal home, he would be the only pet and have a cat-savvy family with a sense of humor.

To see more photos, click here for a short video montage.

If you are interested in Cougar, please submit an online adoption application by clicking here

[Please note, we only adopt out to homes in lower Fairfield County and nearby NY.]

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June 01, 2020


Seeing "lost cat" posters on poles and signs is very sad. We try to keep our cats safe, and hope it never happens to us, but sometimes a cat gets outside and becomes "lost." Here is a helpful website with steps to take when you have a lost cat. Click on lost cat to learn more.

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