Poseidon 1 - 2017-10-23 at 16-21-41.jpg

Poseidon is a handsomely marbled tabby with gorgeous green eyes, but he's so much more than good looks! He's our mentor to adult cats and kittens alike as well as humans who can't help but laugh at his goofy, but always good-natured behavior. Poseidon came from a home with too many cats - but he still wants to be a good friend to the lucky cat and person smart enough to welcome him into their home.


Finn 2 - 2017-10-07 at 03-19-56.jpg

Get in with Finn and you'll have the best feline friend forever. This young tabby male is super affectionate, loves attention, and is eager for someone to play with and love. His last carer had just too many cats and most were neglected. Animal control stepped in and now Friends of Felines has taken over. Despite it all, Finn has remained a happy and gentle guy. He sits on laps, gives headbutts, seeks out petting and is wonderfully sweet. When he casts his adoring gaze on you with those stunning green eyes, it's guaranteed to melt your heart. C'est Finn.


Rey 1 - 2017-10-07 at 03-39-36.jpg

Rey is a handsome young tabby boy. He may look serious and like he'd rather be reading a good novel, but he's a true Rey of sunshine. Despite being rescued from a hoarding situation and spending several months with Animal Control, he's still got a sense of humor and his great personality shines. Rey ticks all the boxes for being a great cat companion. He sits on laps, he loves petting, he is a gentleman when playing, and he is good with other cats. He's a looker, with a beautiful tabby coat and lovely green eyes. What more could you ask for in a kitty best-friend? Break out your Rey-Bans, and take a walk in the light of kitty love with this sweet guy.


Dani and Sansa 1 - 2017-10-07 at 04-59-15.jpg

Do you ever feel bored, or like you're in a rut and you need something to add sparkle to your days? Well look no further. These two love-bug tabby kittens have come to rescue you from the doldrums. Little Dani and Sansa are beautiful expressions of life's joy, just oozing with cuteness and entertainment and affection. One sister is bold and ready to explore life, the other is sweet and lets her sister lead.....right into more playful fun. Adopt this pair and have a never-ending stream of boredom-busting happiness in your home.


Reid 1 - 2017-09-16 at 22-58-23.jpg

This is Reid.
It's largely agreed,
that he's a wonderful chap.
Handsome and sweet,
he's light on his feet,
and always up for a nap.

A soft marbled tabby,
he never feels crabby,
he's silly and playful, but mellow.
Adopt him today,
adopt a second to play,
with this bright, gentlemanly fellow.


Griff update - 2017-09-16 at 22-51-23.jpg

A beautifully marbled tabby youngster with awesome polydactyl mitts, meet our one-of-a-kind Griff and fall in love! Always gentle and often silly, Griff's looking for a home with another young, sweet kitty to goof around with when he wants and cuddle when he doesn't. Neutered, negative for feline viruses and microchipped, this good looking boy has a funny and unique personality you won't want to pass by. He might kill that ball but that's as fresh as he gets!


Rudy c - 2017-08-30 at 15-38-44.jpg

Sprout c - 2017-08-30 at 16-59-23.jpg

Rudy and Sprout are playful brothers. Their favorite toys are mice that rattle, colorful springs, balls that jingle, tunnels and cat trees. But their most favorite thing is people. They purr all the time and they love to cuddle. Both boys are affectionate and gentle, well socialized and really cute.

They'd be great adopted together but they can be adopted separately as well. As long as they have the attention, the toys, and love, Rudy and Sprout will be happy.


Nessus 2 - 2017-07-29 at 13-45-01.jpg

Meet Nessus, a sometimes goofy, big handsome tabby born to cuddle, adoringly give head bumps and warmly curl up on your lap. You can do anything with this boy. Whether you watch football or soap operas, good natured Nessus will never complain. He'll love what you love but he'll love you best.


Liza 1 - 2017-08-29 at 04-42-45.jpg

We know that somebody cared for Eliza as a house-cat. She’s clean, well-fed, declawed (front), and very sad. Why sad? Because someone abandoned her in a carrier on the sidewalk, leaving her scared and alone.

Friends of Felines has taken her in and is giving her loving attention to encourage her to eat and help her feel safe. Eliza is a sweet and gentle senior. Are you the kind and patient person who will give her a new home and show her that love can happen again?


Chance 2 - 2017-08-29 at 04-20-10.jpg

ABBA got it right when they sang “take a chance on me”… This handsome gentleman is just looking for a warm lap and some kind attention in his senior years. His most recent human passed away and the one before abandoned him outside in a carrier. Chance is now 15 and ever hopeful.

Take a chance on an all black kitty. Rumor has it they are extra loving. Take a chance on an old boy. He’s lived through it all and is still so affectionate, gentle and good. Take a chance on a green-eyed cat. They sparkle and show how healthy and intelligent he is. Take a chance on Chance.


iris and gryphone zack - 2017-08-07 at 12-35-08.jpg

Brought in from a hoarding situation, this brother-sister duo is as close as close can be. That means they need a home together. That also means that you get two new best friends to love and play with. Iris is a dignified, calm lady. Gryphon is a handsome, mischievous rogue. Put them together and just see how funny, playful, and affectionate they are.

Now, some might think that being born with a shortened hind leg (Iris' left, Gryphon's right) might make them shy or lessen their love of life. NOT AT ALL. These two get around just fine, doing what other young cats do – running, playing, and keeping a tidy litter box. Are you ready for their double stuff?


George 1 - 2017-07-29 at 15-07-26.jpg

This three-year-old boy is one gorgeous George. He’s a little shy, and who wouldn’t be after being left on a sidewalk in a cat-carrier? But he’s a trusting guy and willing to give new people a try. And we suspect he has a big personality behind his watchful façade. Speak nicely to him, and don’t make any sudden movements (it seems someone wasn’t very nice to him), and he’ll reward you by coming over to see you.

He’s open to trying again with a new person. Are you that person able to open your heart and home for this striking brown tabby with the mesmerizing green eyes?


Miss Kitty 3 - 2017-08-14 at 10-31-48.jpg

Vanna Gogh is missing only two things in life. Her right ear (which was already torn off when a caring person found her) and a loving, forever home. She doesn’t miss her ear and can still hear. But she does need a wonderful, adoring home.

Such a sweet and confident kitten, eager for attention and grateful that Friends of Felines helped her feel better when she needed surgery, antibiotics and pain medication. And now she needs YOU to love her, play with her, and tell her what a pretty little thing she is.


Betty Boop 1 7-29-17.jpg

Wellington 3 7-29-17 (1).jpg

Betty Boop's so pretty with her black and white coat and her gorgeous green eyes, but make no mistake, this girl's more than good looks. She's brave and intelligent but still, she's a kitten so she's pretty funny, too!

Brother Wellington is Betty's best friend. He's another good looker, a handsome tabby boy who is friendly, gentle and patient and a good match for his somewhat bossy sister!


hermes goofball.jpg

You've got to meet Hermes, a tom cat once fighting for love and territory but now a loving and super playful boy. After a simple neuter, antibiotics, warm compresses to multiple injuries, then weeks of blessed sleep this lover of life felt sweet relief. Then he tested positive for FIV and that may put some people off but it really doesn't need to. FIV only means he needs good food and a loving home but that's what we ask for all of our cats anyway.

Hermes loves people. He greets every person with a big head bump. He zooms through tunnels and around corners like a cat with his tail on fire. He's silly, he's affectionate, he's confident yet he's calm and yes, he can be an awesome companion to you, another cat, or a dog. Hermes has an outstanding personality and there's nothing scary about him or his FIV status. There's no reason he won't live a long and happy life. We don't deal in myths. We have the real story on FIV. Don't overlook this handsome and silly cat who loves life and will love you, too. Ask us for the real story on FIV.

Here is a link to more information on FIV click here


Lola 4 7-29-17.jpg

What's cuter than an all black kitten, eyes always wide open in surprise? Little Lola was born into a sketchy situation, so maybe she's just amazed at everything safe and interesting she's surrounded by now. A sweet little girl looking for a home with another young cat just as sweet - as that old song goes - whatever Lola wants, Lola gets!


Annie 1 - 2017-06-28 at 17-17-38.jpg

We thought Annie would be easy with her Maine Coon good looks and awesome personality, until we discovered this sweet girl had one massive hernia and a fractured spleen caused by an unknown, blunt force trauma.

Thanks to Cornell University Veterinary Specialists and FOF, Annie, once an abandoned, frightened and injured kitty is now completely healed, busy with grooming, and she's everything we always knew she would be. Beautiful, loving and easy to love back.


Ivy - 2016-11-19 at 12-19-55.jpg

Ivy doesn't just need a home, she really wants one! We can't honestly say if she'd be happy with another gentle cat or not, but we know she'd be happy to be out of a cage and into a home. You may never find a gentler, better mannered, affectionate youngster than our sweet, green-eyed Ivy.


Hope - 2017-06-30 at 16-10-33.jpg

Hope is a kitten found all by herself hiding in a hedge one step from a seriously busy road. No mom, no litter mates, just this one beautiful, tabby baby girl with large eyes and a high fever, and trusting us not one bit. Hope won't say how she found herself in that position but now that her fever's gone she's become an endlessly purring cuddle bug swearing off hedges and searching instead for that one happy home. Please could that home be yours?


Reilly 2 - 2017-06-28 at 17-30-28.jpg

Can you believe Reilly, our super sweet, affectionate, sleekly black and green-eyed beauty once lived in a parking lot caring for kittens? This quiet and well mannered youngster is trusting and true. She's a lover of people because she believes she will find her forever home. Now spayed, microchipped and testing negative for viruses, Reilly could be the best friend you've ever had.


Construction kittens 2 - Version 2 - 2017-05-20 at 14-05-18.jpgConstruction kittens 2 - 2017-05-20 at 14-05-18.jpg

Some poor mom thought she'd found a safe haven for her kittens in a construction site truck until someone started the engine and drove off the next morning. Covered in grease and smelling like fuel, these little ones were only discovered at the end of a long day. At two and a half weeks of age, they needed to be cleaned, coddled and bottle fed but weeks later they're ready to go.

Silly and affectionate, these two kittens are unusually marked with generous sprinklings of white throughout any black markings on their coats. The tuxedo with the adorable milk mustache is a really sweet girl, and the calico - well, she's gorgeous but she's more complicated than that - she's the brains of the bunch!


Juno - 2017-07-06 at 15-41-02.jpg

Please welcome Juno, our one of a kind, two-year-old polydactyl, marbled tabby with gorgeous red highlights! She comes from a home of 40 other cats yet she's smart enough to be optimistically affectionate, loyal and just a bit silly.


Odin 2 - 2017-06-17 at 15-40-09.jpg Odin I - 2017-06-16 at 17-26-45.jpg

Meet Odin, a laid back, endlessly entertaining guy looking for his very own home! He's a beautifully marked, gentle and affectionate goofball who's somewhere around two years of age. He could be your one and only, or he could be your cat's new best friend. Either way, this happy boy is sure to make you smile.


Zeus 1 - 2017-04-10 at 17-06-53.jpg

A chubby cheeked boy who came from a multi-cat house, Zeus is affectionate, a little bit silly, and so happy to have attention that sometimes he gets excited and gently nips. We expect Zeus will grow out of the "I love you so much" nipping but we don't expect he'll ever grow out of "I love you so much". He's gentle, grateful,optimistic and endlessly open to learning and just needs to know he has a home of his own.


Caeser - 2017-02-25 at 17-11-37 (1).jpg

Abandoned then rescued. Adopted then surrendered.

When Caesar was five years old, we found him at the edge of a feral colony searching for leftover food and we knew he was tame. With good looks and gentle personality, it was easy to find a home for this affectionate guy and we were really happy for him. Then when Caesar was ten, his mom became so ill she could no longer care for herself or for Caesar.

Caesar had a few bumpy months before finding his way back to us, but now he's settled in and perfectly healthy. But we can't fix lonely. Can you?


Panda - 2017-02-25 at 17-44-14.jpg

Come meet our Panda! He's quiet and sweet and sometimes a little shy, but he's always polite! This big handsome guy is just five years of age. He is so happy to be warm and safely inside that he shows off his good luck by making muffins, giving slow kitty blinks and offering gentle head bumps to anyone who visits. Panda's an easy, comfortable, loving companion just waiting to happen to someone smart enough to snatch this boy right up.


Strawberry - 2014-03-01 at 13-05-56 (1).jpg

Love and a safe haven shouldn't be too much for anyone to ask for. Sweet Strawberry has always been all about love.

Once an abandoned mom with three kittens, her luck turned when she found a safe haven with a human she loved. But life can bring change to even the best intentioned. And this beautiful kitty, now 13 years of age, finds herself once again a little lost. Strawberry loves people. She's well mannered and gentle and will happily live with (or without) another gentle cat as long as she has that one person to snuggle with. Thoroughly vetted, happy and healthy, all this beautiful girl needs is her own home. We know she deserves it.


Linus 1 - 2017-02-25 at 16-48-20.jpgLinus 2 - 2017-02-25 at 16-29-43.jpg

There's no simple way to describe a cat like Linus. He's regal and self assured, but he's thoughtful and polite. He's somewhat independent, but he's grateful and affectionate. And sometimes he's just plain silly. As one of eleven stuffed into a crate before being abandoned, we're betting Linus was the one who held everything together because he's just that cool.

Here's what is simple about Linus - he has a new life now and it's time for him to have a real home. Could his home be yours?


star new - 2016-03-03 at 16-39-54.jpg

Star's just nine years of age. She was abandoned in a carrier at a pet supply store and for two years since she's been waiting and hoping and wanting to find her very own home. She's a bit arthritic (and won't we all get there) yet she loves to play. Her unique voice sounds crabby, but she's just talking - there's not a mean bone in this kitty! Her favorite things are chasing feathers on a stick and cuddling up with her person to watch TV. Our favorite thing would be to find this proud and beautiful tuxedo girl her very own home.


Snoopy1 - 2017-02-25 at 16-19-53.jpg

You have got to meet Snoopy! He's young and he's handsome. He's adorably, mildly cross-eyed. He's affectionate and quietly playful. And when he wants your attention, he just squeaks!

Snoopy was one of 11 abandoned cats stuffed into a crate yet he's still that good hearted guy looking for love.

He'd be a purr-fect match with a gentle cat, or he could be your one and only.