A young newcomer to one of our oldest cat colonies, this cranky interloper was cute, but terribly fresh! When we first met Cow Cat, he had recently grown into the collar he'd been wearing when he was abandoned. Removing said collar from this very cranky cat was an interesting feat, but off it eventually came with little damage to us, and we decided a cat with such attitude might be best living right where we'd found him.

And not a year later, we were trying to rescue Cow Cat again. This time his situation was a bit more serious - a polyp deep inside his ear causing a great deal of discomfort. Several attempts at the quick and easy way to remove a deep polyp have been unsuccessful, so Cow Cat is negotiating with a surgeon to just get it over with, but get it right. Meanwhile, Cow Cat is sort of..cowed. He even likes his foster mom. Could it be, Cow Cat will someday not only feel better, but have a proper name and a real home, too? Stay tuned!