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Our beloved Juniper, gave us such love, joy and pure happiness in the 12 years we were blessed to have her with us. A Friends of Felines rescue kitty, I fell in love with Juniper the minute I laid eyes on her at an adoption event back in 2007! We miss her always and will forever hold her dear to our hearts. Love you my little cha cha.
8/15/06 - 8/17/19


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Animal rescue is sometimes heartbreaking. This week we had to say goodbye to sweet Mariya. She was an extraordinary cat that never met a lap she did not like. Unfortunately, she became very ill and we could not save her. Thanks to your support, we were able to take in this senior stray and make her feel safe and cherished. RIP my sweet girl. We will meet you at the rainbow bridge. (February 2019)


Whitmore HC_20180813_142052 - 2018-08-13 at 14-20-52.jpg
In 2018, we said goodbye to a precious member of the FOF family. Whitmore was surrendered at age 12 and then diagnosed with lymphoma. The FOF and Just Cats families showered him with love and provided supportive medical care. He was a gentle, loving, quirky and joyful cat who embraced life and the love we were able to give him. Your donations make it possible to care for forgotten felines like Whitmore. Thank you.



Posche had a wonderful 13 years as loving companion to her foster mom. She was an incredibly warm, kind and caring cat and a good friend who was deeply loved and will be greatly missed.



We want to thank Rippowam Animal Hospital in Stamford for giving Peppy a home where he was loved for his good hearted optimism, his sense of humor and his overall outstanding personality. At Rippowam, Peppy had his own fish tank, an awesome scratching post, a shared office with a human who loved and appreciated him, and large fan club of techs, customers and vets.

Peppy's life may not have been the longest, but it was a good one. He was well loved and made people smile, and that's what Peppy would have wanted more than anything. Thank you Dr. and Mrs. Lazarus, and all your staff, for giving Peppy the life he deserved.


Lizzie (1).jpg

Little Lizzie had an incurable, inherited "brittle bone" disease. We will miss her.


Gabriel.jpg We are sad to say Gabriel is truly an angel now. His mysterious back issue turned out to be caused by a bite wound directly to his spine and although initially there was such great improvement in his mobility and energy while we all cheered, this insidious infection eventually took over his body.

Despite the best efforts of his vet, his specialists, the love of a foster mom, all of your good wishes, and Gabriel's happy attitude, we finally had to come to the place where we let this sweet, loving and funny kitty go in peace while surrounded by love and with much appreciation and respect for his extraordinary cat-spirit. We will never forget you, Gabriel.

Stanley Spisinski, 1989 - January 6, 2007


And St. Francis asked Stanley ’s spirit
Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so, replied Stanley ’s precious soul
And, as a cat, I am most able
To decide anything for myself

Are you coming then? Asked St. Francis
Soon, replied the whiskered angel Stanley
But I must come slowly.
For my human friend is troubled.
For you see, she needs me, quite certainly.

But doesn’t she understand? asked St. Francis
That you'll never leave her?
That your souls are intertwined for all eternity?
That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is...forever and ever and ever.

Eventually she will understand,
Replied the glorious Stanley ,
For I will whisper into her heart
That I am always with her

I just am...forever and ever and ever
Her precious orange tabby with one ear, Stanley.



Simon has journeyed over the rainbow bridge to wait for his foster parents. We did everything we could for him. The vets ran numerous tests, took x-rays, and performed an exploratory surgery. I think Simon had a greater calling. Simon is now among the kitty angels watching over the kitties on earth. Simon knew love before he passed over and will help guide us to the kitties in need, so that they too, can be loved. Rest in peace, Simon. You were an exceptional kitty on earth and you will be an exceptional kitty angel. April, 2006


'Woody… who loved sharing meals, helping
to make the bed, watching birds and
squirrels, and most of all, being Jen’s
best friend.

The work of the Feral Cat Project brings us face to face with many cats – a great number are not socialized to humans and as such are happiest living among their cat-families. But often among these families, called colonies, we find the truly homeless – once belonging to humans, now lost or abandoned, their hunger and fear making them instinctively turn to a wild-like behavior to help them survive outside on their own - these are the cats that touch us the most.

So when Woody’s family made a donation to the Friends of Felines’ Feral Cat Project in his name, and we heard how this once abandoned cat had become one person’s best friend, we decided to create this page to honor Woody’s memory and the memories of all the wonderful cats each of us has had the pleasure of loving.

A special thanks to Cathy G. for her donation in Woody’s name to Friends of Felines, Inc., helping us to continue to help more homeless cats.