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alex, FOF FoFCats_10262023_Alex_DSCF2437 copy.jpg
alex, FOF FoFCats_02152024_Alex_DSCF3859 copy.JPG

Introducing the charismatic Alex! At 9.5 months old, this dapper gentleman is on a quest to find his forever family, and he comes bearing an abundance of charm and affection! Alex is a purrfect companion, enjoying lap time and turning ordinary playtime into a delightful adventure!

While Alex may initially approach new friends with a hint of caution, his graceful personality shines like a beacon of warmth and companionship once he feels at ease. The lucky souls who welcome Alex into their hearts will discover a furry friend ready to shower them with endless affection and loyalty.

And here's the cherry on top: Besides having feline friends, he's also familiar with canine companionship, having co-existed harmoniously with a dog in his previous foster home. Alex would like a home with a friend and is ready to blend into your household with his adaptable nature and loving spirit, bringing joy and warmth wherever he goes.

Ready to meet this sweet boy? Submit and adoption application

[Applicants must reside within 45 miles of Stamford, CT, and have reliable transportation. Some cats may be restricted to a smaller radius on a case-by-case basis. Some kitten pairs must be adopted together.]

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