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Ash and Burgundy

Burgundy, FOF Photo Aug 24 2023, 8 23 04 PM (1).jpg
Ash, FOF Photo Aug 24 2023, 8 23 04 PM.jpg

Once upon a time, in a not-so-far-away industrial park, two tiny balls of fur named Ash and Burgundy embarked on a grand adventure when they walked into our traps.  After a short period in a foster home, they went from scared siblings to active, sweet, and fun-loving kittens who enjoy spending time with their foster family. Ash is the pair's leader and the first to explore new things, but Burgundy can always be found close behind, mimicking Ash’s movements!  Ash has a heart that's as big as his love for laps. Burgundy is a bit more thoughtful, but once you've earned her trust, she's all about soaking up the affection and attention! But what truly melts hearts? After a whirlwind play session, these kittens are pros at winding down. Picture it: you, Ash, Burgundy, and a cozy couch where the purring symphony begins. Their playfulness turns into peacefulness, and it's the kind of magic you won't find in any storybook. Now, the next chapter in their grand adventure awaits. Ash and Burgundy, 4 months old, are ready for their happily-ever-after in a forever home.  They must be adopted together.


If you would like to meet these two angels, submit an application 

[Applicants must reside within 45 miles of Stamford, CT, and have reliable transportation. Some cats may be restricted to a smaller radius on a case-by-case basis.]

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