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Betty, FOF FoFCats_Betty_02222202_DSCF2965 copy_February 22, 2022.jpg
Betty, FOF FoFCats_05202022_Betty_DSCF4612 copy_May 20, 2022.jpg

Introducing beautiful 3-year-old Betty.  She is so much like her namesake Betty White, the amazing actress and animal activist.  Betty the feline is charming, entertaining, smart, charismatic, funny, salty, and flirtatious (she loves respectful male cats!).  She has a distinctive soft meow and enjoys playing.  She also loves pets, sitting on laps, and even letting the volunteers she knows best carry her around. Betty was rescued from a life outside.  Initially, she was terrified of people and her new surroundings but slowly, following the lead of other rescued cats, Betty learned to relax and have fun. And we adore her!  She will appreciate a home with a feline companion and a patient adopter who will give her time to settle in.  She has a remarkable rescue story, ask us for the details. 


If you’d like to meet this amazing kitty, please submit our online adoption application

[Please note, we only adopt out to homes in lower Fairfield County and nearby NY.]

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