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Brittany, FOF Photo Oct 16 2023, 8 20 01 PM.jpg

Meet Brittany, a beautiful 8-year-old lady whose owner could no longer care for her.  This affectionate girl thrives on human connection. When you spend time with her, be prepared for a symphony of purrs and sweet headbutts showing how much she appreciates your attention. Brittany loves to play and does it with all the flair of a true diva! You'll often find her lounging with her belly exposed, inviting you to engage in interactive play with her favorite toys. While Brittany has lived with another cat in the past, she seems to lean towards being the queen of her castle. She might just prefer the spotlight all to herself! Occasionally, Brittany might display a touch of sass, but who can blame her? Recent changes have undoubtedly left her adjusting, and a little personality is just her way of expressing herself. She's had the claws on all four paws removed. Give her the love and stability she deserves, and you'll have a loyal friend for life.


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[Applicants must reside within 45 miles of Stamford, CT, and have reliable transportation. Some cats may be restricted to a smaller radius on a case-by-case basis. Some kitten pairs must be adopted together.]

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