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Join the Friends of FeLeuk Kitties Club!  

Meet Kohlrabi a young cat rescued from an overcrowded, unsafe home.  He is around 1 year old, affectionate and comical.  He likes to cuddle and play with toy mice and is easy to pick-up, hold and pet.  Kohlrabi tested positive for Feline Leukemia, a virus that can suppress a cat’s immune system, making it more susceptible to illnesses, and possibly shortening its life span.  As such, many people think FeLV cats are sick and dying and have no quality of life which is NOT TRUE.  Frisee is healthy and can remain healthy for months or even years.  Whatever length his life ends up being, he deserves a forever home and a joy- and love-filled life.  We are looking for a special adopter who wants to make a difference in the life of this fabulous feline, giving him the joy and love he deserves.  He must be the only cat in the home (or live with another FeLV+ cat) and can live with other pets such as dogs and rabbits. Join the Friends of FeLeuk Kitties Club by opening your home to Kohlrabi.


To learn more about Feline Leukemia, see https://www.alleycat.org/resources/feline-leukemia-virus-felv/.  If you are interested in a foster-to-adopt arrangement, please submit our online application.


The application can be found by clicking

[Please note, we only adopt out to homes in lower Fairfield County and nearby NY.]