Daphne and Velma

Bill's Service, FOF, velma image_67223041_October 05, 2022.jpg
Bill's Service, daphne, FOF image_67184129_October 05, 2022.jpg

Scooby Doobie Doooo!  The Scooby Doo Kitten Crew born June 3rd are available for adoption.  These are the  2 females: Velma and Daphne.  Both are cuddly, adorable tabbies that have been raised in a foster home.  Daphne is always grooming or snuggling someone else, kitten or human.  She will be a great lap-warmer and loving companion.  Velma is amazingly sweet and will start purring when you look at her.  She is playful, adventurous and full of love.  


If you are interested in adopting, the first step in the process is to submit our online adoption application

[Please note, we only adopt out kittens in pairs unless there is already an age/energy appropriate companion in the home out to homes in lower Fairfield County and nearby NY.]