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Nombre del gato

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Meet Azure, Vanessa, and Luna: Three Sweethearts (3 months old)!


Azure is an adorable 3-month-old kitten with a heart full of love and energy to match. She's the ultimate lap cat, always the first to run up to her foster mom and practically beg to be held. Once in your arms, Azure is a bundle of purrs and affection, content to stay cuddled up for as long as you let her. During playtime, Azure transforms into the Eveready bunny, full of boundless energy and enthusiasm.


Vanessa is a charming little chatterbox with a personality as vibrant as her sweet, squeaky mews. She loves to talk and share her day with you, and she’s always ready for a brief cuddle session, showering you with kisses that almost qualify as a bath! Vanessa’s fearless nature makes her the first to greet new visitors with adorable curiosity, and her affectionate demeanor makes her a delightful addition to any home. 


Luna is a gentle, laid-back kitten who prefers a more relaxed approach to life. While she might initially hang back, she blossoms into a purring ball of contentment once held. Luna enjoys her personal space and asks that you respect it, but she’s far from unfriendly. Her foster mom describes her as sweet and calm, ready for a snuggle when you must have one. 

These three sisters, each with their own unique charm, were named for beautiful butterflies and a moth. Whether you’re looking for an energetic playmate, a chatty cuddle buddy, or a gentle, laid-back friend, Azure, Vanessa, and Luna have it all. They are ready to bring endless love and joy into their forever homes! If you want to meet them, the first step is to submit the online adoption application on our website.  To prioritize the well-being and happiness of our kittens, we adopt them out in pairs unless there is already an age- and energy-appropriate companion in your home.  The girls are not bonded, so they can be separated if they have a companion in their new home. Adopters need to live within 45 miles of Stamford.


[Tenga en cuenta que solo adoptamos hogares en la parte baja del condado de Fairfield y las cercanías de Nueva York.]

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