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Nombre del gato

Assistance, Bugaboo, FOF, Polly Morrow IMG_2234.jpg
Assistance, Bug, FOF, Polly Morrow IMG_1705.JPG

Bug is not your ordinary cat – she's a stunning 2-year-old black feline with a heart as beautiful as her sleek fur. Rescued with her three adorable kittens, Bug dedicated herself to being a fantastic mom, ensuring her little ones grew up safe and happy. When her parenting duties were complete, Bug underwent a transformation from all work and no play to a delightful, spirited companion. Bug discovered the joy of playtime and belly rubs. She’s a little cautious when meeting new people, it's just her way of sizing up the situation. She prefers to observe from a comfortable distance before deciding to approach. Once she deems you a friend, her shyness melts away, revealing a sweet and loving companion. Bug is waiting to bring warmth and joy into your life. Great news! Thanks to one of our black cat-loving supporters, Bug's adoption fee has been covered, so there's no cost to bring this beautiful feline into your home. To meet Bug, please submit an adoption application


[Tenga en cuenta que solo adoptamos hogares en la parte baja del condado de Fairfield y las cercanías de Nueva York.]

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