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Nombre del gato

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Meet Tazzie, a vivacious, almost 2-year-old girl with a resilient spirit and a zest for life.  She was rescued as an older kitten from an abusive situation involving a child.  She was then adopted but returned because she did not get along with the other cat in the home.  Despite a rough start in life, she exudes boundless energy and joy. Tazzie remains hopeful in finding her forever home where she can truly thrive. 


She possesses remarkable athleticism, showcasing her talents as an aerialist during playtime with impressive leaps, flips, and balancing acts. Volunteers who interact with her daily describe her as an absolute entertainer, suggesting she might even need a talent agent for her captivating performances.  Tazzie also has a tender side. She will give kisses, rub up against you purring, and accept gentle pets. However, she is independent and will let you know when she's ready for her next adventure. 


Tazzie is seeking a cat-savvy family who can appreciate her unique personality and give her the love and understanding she deserves.  Given her tumultuous past, Tazzie would be happiest in an environment without other cats or young children and with patient adopters who will give her time to adjust to another major change. She lived harmoniously with a dog in a foster home.

If you can provide Tazzie with the loving and nurturing home she deserves, we invite you to fill out our online adoption application


[Tenga en cuenta que solo adoptamos hogares en la parte baja del condado de Fairfield y las cercanías de Nueva York.]

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