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Meet Jupiter, a delightful 10-month-old kitty with a friendly nature and booming purrs. This handsome boy is the epitome of affection, always pushing to the front of the attention line to soak up every pet and scratch he can get. Jupiter is also a playful soul with a penchant for excitement, bringing boundless energy and joy to every play session with other cats or on his own.  He's perfectly content in the presence of the furry companions in his foster home (several cats and a dog).  If you're looking for a playful and affectionate companion who will bring joy and laughter into your home, Jupiter is ready to embark on his cosmic adventure with you! 

To meet him, please submit our online adoption application

la description

[Veuillez noter que nous n'adoptons que des maisons dans le bas du comté de Fairfield et à proximité de New York.]

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