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FOF, Katmandu IMG_0090.JPG
FOF, Katmandu, White FoFCats_04122024_White_DSCF4410 copy.JPG

Meet Katmandu, the epitome of feline fabulousness! This charming one-year-old cat has won over the hearts of our volunteers with his irresistible charm.  He is a true people-lover, always seeking a warm lap or a cozy shoulder to snuggle up on. He makes everyone feel loved and cherished, leaving a trail of happiness wherever he goes.  His gentle nature extends to his feline companions, even patiently allowing kittens to play with his tail.  If you're ready to welcome a special cat into your life, look no further than Katmandu!


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[Veuillez noter que nous n'adoptons que des maisons dans le bas du comté de Fairfield et à proximité de New York.]

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