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Meet Peter, a one-year-old stray ready to trade his street-smart ways for the comforts of a loving forever home.  He is a true people cat, full of love and a purr that could melt even the coldest heart. Peter adores pets and will nuzzle up to you for affection whenever he can. He’s not a lap cat yet, but give him time. Peter is affectionate but still adjusting to life indoors and can be a bit nervous around sudden movements. But he's sure to get more confident in a patient and understanding home. He seems to get along with other respectful cats, making him a great addition to a household with another cat. Ready to add a feline lovebug to your life?


Come meet peter by submitting the adoption application on our website                                       

la description

[Veuillez noter que nous n'adoptons que des maisons dans le bas du comté de Fairfield et à proximité de New York.]

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