Fred and Shaggy

Bill's Service, FOF, Fred image_67183873_October 05, 2022.jpg
Bill's Service, FOF, shaggy image_67230465_October 05, 2022.jpg

Scooby Doobie Doooo!  The Scooby Doo Kitten Crew born June 3rd are available for adoption.  These are the  2 males:  Shaggy and Fred.  Both are cuddly, adorable tabbies that have been raised in a foster home.  Shaggy is the Bengal look-alike.  He is brave, goofy and very physical and he will keep you laughing with his antics.  Fred is a laid-back mush who will melt in your arms when you pick him up and who really likes to meet other cats.  He will also be a great lap-warmer. 


If you are interested in adopting, the first step in the process is to submit our online adoption application

[Please note, we only adopt out kittens in pairs unless there is already an age/energy appropriate companion in the home out to homes in lower Fairfield County and nearby NY.]