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FOF, Iris IMG_6629_July 08, 2017.jpg
FOF, Iris FoFCats_01142022_Iris_DSCF2494_January 14, 2022.jpg

This magnificent beauty is Iris.  She is almost 7 years old and a purebred British Shorthair.  She came to us because she was getting bullied by another cat in her home.  This gorgeous, gentle lady is delightful.  Iris enjoys being around people, giving nose kisses and getting pets.  She is starting to show us her playful side as well, with the tunnel being her favorite toy.  Iris will flourish in a home where she can shine as the only pet. 


If you are interested in meeting Iris, the first step in the process is to complete an online adoption application

[Please note, we only adopt out to homes in lower Fairfield County and nearby NY.]

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