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FOF, peanut IMG_8054-Edit_December 04, 2021.jpg
FOF, peanut 254623032_441650764144272_8120159081751913980_n_November 07, 2021.jpg

This is one-year-old Peanut.  The first thing you notice are his good looks, from his furry ears to his furry tail.  But Peanut is much more than a pretty boy.  Peanut was found abandoned in an apartment building basement and was brought to us underweight and distressed. Despite his disheartening beginning, Peanut is loving, playful and trusting.  His signature moves are to sit up on his hind legs while he’s playing and to plop down beside you when he wants some attention.  He has a sensitive and joyful spirit and is patiently waiting for the right human(s) to take him to his forever home and give him the attention and love he deserves. Peanut would prefer a quieter environment and to be your only cat in a home with adults and teens.

If you are interested in meeting Peanut, fill out an adoption application 


[Please note, we only adopt out to homes in lower Fairfield County and nearby NY.]

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