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FOF, pikachu Photo Nov 04 2022, 5 26 47 PM_November 04, 2022.jpg
cashew, FOF, pikachu FoFCats_10282022_Pikachu_DSCF7056 copy_October 28, 2022.jpg

Gives Great Hugs!  Say hello to Pikachu, our 1-year-old, athletic and very clever little beauty.  She's a great hugger (especially when she wants something), a purring machine in your lap, and an excellent bug hunter.  With a big personality and a penchant for playing games, she can be a bit coy on approach, but we're pretty sure she's just waiting to see what's in it for her.  A cheerful, energetic girl, she does well with other respectful cats and would be happiest in a home with another active companion. 


If you're up for someone as smart as you and you’d like to meet this loving and fun feline, please submit an adoption application

[Please note, we only adopt out to homes in lower Fairfield County and nearby NY.]

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