Praline and Tutti Fruiti

Culloden Rd, FOF, Praline, Tutti Fruitti IMG_2677_August 11, 2022.jpg
Culloden Rd, FOF, Praline, Tutti Fruitti IMG_2696_August 11, 2022.jpg

More sweet kittens available!  Meet Praline, the black and white Harlequin kitty, and Tutti Fruiti, her colorful, tortoiseshell sister.  They're a bonded pair born on the streets around April 19th and rescued by FOF.  Then, with the best of luck, they landed in a great foster home where they've grown into affectionate lovebugs.  They adore being pet, get along well with other cats, and are playful little purring machines.  With their paws crossed, Praline and Tutti are now searching for a quiet (but fun!) forever home.  The girls may need a few days to feel comfortable with you - "discerning" we call it - and once they do, they'll share all their love, luck and happiness with you!     

With an approved adoption application, we can arrange for you to meet this sweet pair (they must be adopted together).


[Please note, we only adopt out to homes in lower Fairfield County and nearby NY.]