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Rachel and Hannah

FOF, Hannah, Manhattan St, pearl kittens Photo Dec 11 2022, 5 16 14 PM_December 11, 2022.J
FOF, Manhattan St, pearl kittens, Rachel Photo Dec 11 2022, 5 15 20 PM_December 11, 2022.J

Meet sisters Hannah and Rachel (born 4/20/22).  Both are gentle, sweet, and playful.  They have a kind quiet energy that would be a great addition to any home.  They adore each other and must be adopted together but they also like other cats, loud-mouthed dogs, and kids.  

If you would like to meet these cuties, please submit our adoption application

[Please note:  we only adopt out kittens in pairs unless there is already an age-appropriate companion in the home and applicants must reside within 45 miles of Stamford, CT and have reliable transportation. Some cats may be restricted to a smaller radius on a case by case basis. ]

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