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FOF, Tyler Photo Mar 11 2023, 12 21 48 PM.jpeg
FOF, Tyler Photo Mar 11 2023, 12 26 00 PM.jpeg

In March 2022, we rescued a young, badly injured tomcat. We named him Tyler. His doctor says he may have been hit by a car or even horribly abused by a human. Tyler still bears the facial scars from his trauma, as well as a bad hind leg with degenerative arthritis. Another remnant of his tomcat past is his positive test for FIV. But after all the love showered on him by our volunteers, Tyler is ready to move on from his past and now needs a cat-savvy foster or adopter who will look beyond his scars to see the endearing cat we love. Tyler gets absolutely silly over ping-pong balls. He also really likes tunnels, wand toys, scratches with a back scratcher, and pets from his people. Life on the streets left Tyler leery of other cats, so he must be an only cat. With a quality diet, regular veterinary care, and lots of love, a positive FIV cat can live as long and as healthy as a non-FIV cat.

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After a year of living in a cage, it’s time to get 3-year-old Tyler a loving home. Can you open your heart and home to this very deserving boy?

If you are interested in adopting this loving boy, apply 


Applicants must reside within 45 miles of Stamford, CT, and have reliable transportation. We may restrict some cats to a smaller radius on a case-by-case basis.

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