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Wyatt and Annie Oakley

Photo Jan 09, 10 26 05 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 09, 10 24 41 AM.jpg

Wyatt & Annie Oakley, a 4-month-old sibling pair rescued from the streets, are available for adoption together. Wyatt is the court jester to Annie’s pretty princess.  You wouldn’t expect that pairing to work, but it does.  They complement each other beautifully and are adorable together.  Wyatt is a stereotypical little boy — full of energy and curious about everything.  He’s half energizer bunny and half (chunky) monkey.  He’s also a squishy love bug with an amazing purr motor (even purrs when he eats!).  Annie is a gorgeous and petite little girl. Don’t let her size and perfect manners fool you, though.  She’s a strong, smart, and brave huntress.  She’s more reserved and independent than her brother, but she’s every bit as sweet and playful.  Annie is just as happy playing by herself with her favorite balls and springs as she is running around with her brother.  These babies love each other, treats, toys, and other cats.  They have perfect litter box habits and are great about using their scratchers.  They’re pretty much perfect kittens.


If you are interested in meeting them, the first step is to submit our online adoption form


[Please note, we only adopt out to homes in lower Fairfield County and nearby NY.]

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