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We're Looking for Foster Heroes!

Fostering provides a temporary, safe haven for cats and kittens, allowing them to heal, grow, and blossom until they find their forever homes. It's an incredibly rewarding experience that transforms both the feline and the foster parent's lives.  See Foster Stories below.

🐱 Experience the joy of nurturing a precious life.

🏠 Provide a loving and secure environment.

🌸 Witness incredible transformations and second chances.

❤️ Make an impact that lasts a lifetime.

Whether you're a seasoned foster parent or considering it for the first time, we're here to guide and support you every step of the way. Our dedicated team will provide all the necessary supplies, veterinary care, and assistance you need, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable fostering journey.  Opportunities are currently available to foster kittens and adults. 

Together, we can create a brighter future for these precious souls, where they can experience the love and care they deserve. Ready to be a foster hero and save lives meow?

We trapped the Powerpuff Girls in a backyard at around seven weeks of age. They were very wary of people. But after a couple of weeks in a foster home being handled, fed, and played with, they have learned people are great fun to be around and quite comfy to snuggle with, and so our girls are happily, proudly, up for adoption.

FOF, Foster, Joey image0(8)-Edit.jpg

Joey was rescued from the streets. She loved people but hated other cats. While she waited to find a forever home, a boarding facility was a terrible option because the other cats stressed her so much. But in a foster home, she was a different cat. Her delightful personality shone right through, and that's how the real Joey found her forever home!

FOF, Foster, Josh 20230101_130725.jpg

Josh rescued himself by walking into someone's home and refusing to leave. The family could not keep him and contacted us. We don't know what happened to Josh before he walked into that home, but he was traumatized by the ordeal and needed some time to decompress. A foster home is the perfect solution for that. Josh also has a medical condition that requires monitoring before he can go up for adoption. While he waits, life is good in his foster home with his good buddy Bo.

Cats, FOF, Foster, pets, Samantha 4846DA81-01F2-43C2-8BDD-DA7A3DECE4ED_1_201_a-Edit.jpg

A good Samaritan found Samantha with a badly injured rear right leg which had to be amputated. After her surgery, she lived in a foster home where she completed her recovery and practiced getting around on three legs, which she did well! When she was ready, we found Samantha her forever home.

FOF, Lola's Kittens, Tweety 20230417_121019-Edit.jpg

Tweety was one of six sick kittens born in a basement, needing medical care and homes. Once we got her healthy, Tweety moved into a foster home. This was her opportunity to experience the sounds of a household, snuggle with humans, and become friends with a big dog. The gift of fostering is why Tweety's so ready now for her own home.

Cats, FOF, Gus, pets, Selfie IMG_0898 GUS lap sit BEST INGRID  KAATZ 10apr2020.jpg

Gus was a battle-scarred tomcat trapped at an abandoned housing complex.  Transitioning from his old life to being an indoor pampered pet can be challenging for cats with his background.  He was moved to a foster home to facilitate the transformation.  Spicy-boy Gus turned out to be pretty sweet under the care and tutelage of his foster mom, and he eventually got his own loving home. 

Felino destacado!

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FOF, James Photo Sep 14 2023, 7 38 32 PM.jpg
FOF, James IMG_9858.jpg

Bean está esperando pacientemente su
para siempre en casa!

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