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Meet Tiger Lily, a resilient feline with a story to tell. Tiger Lily was one of four kittens born outdoors in 2019 that we rescued. Her journey hasn't been easy, but she's ready for the next step.

As a kitten, Tiger Lily found it hard to trust humans. However, she made great strides with patience and dedication, and we trusted a family to adopt her and continue her socialization. Unfortunately, after two years with an adoptive family, Tiger Lily was returned to us, her trust shattered, and her progress undone.

Despite this setback, we remain committed to Tiger Lily's well-being. Over the past two years, she formed a deep bond with one of our volunteers and has also found comfort in the presence of a few others. While she enjoys affection and snuggles from these trusted individuals, she resides in a boarding cage with limited opportunities for exploration outside of her confinement.

What Tiger Lily needs now is a very special, experienced cat person who can offer her the patience, understanding, and love she deserves. We envision a foster-to-adopt arrangement to ensure stability and minimize further disruptions to her life. Tiger Lily is not aggressive; rather, she retreats when afraid. This 4.5-year-old beauty is more at ease with women than men, and she would benefit from the companionship of a gentle feline friend in her new home. 

We invite you to meet her.  Are you the compassionate soul willing to open your heart to Tiger Lily and provide her with the safe and nurturing environment she craves? 


Fill out an application to take the first step toward making a difference in Tiger Lily's life

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[Veuillez noter que nous n'adoptons que des maisons dans le bas du comté de Fairfield et à proximité de New York.]

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