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Volunteering with FOF

Friends of Felines, Inc. is operated entirely by volunteers. We are always looking for people who share our passion for helping the homeless and forgotten cats in our community and want to offer their time and skills to help.

If you are interested in volunteering, email us at and our volunteer coordinator will get in touch.

Volunteers must be 18 years of age unless accompanied by an adult.

Ways to Get Involved

FOF, timmy IMG_6199_August 12, 2021.jpg
FOF, John IMG_6297_August 14, 2021.jpg

Visit the cats boarded at Just Cats Veterinary Hospital in Stamford CT.

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Work in the Field

Spending time with the cats (talking, petting, picking up, playing) gives them a break from the monotony of life in a boarding facility. It also allows us to assess the cat’s personality to determine if they are ready for adoption and to find the best adoption match. In some cases, cats require extended socialization before they are ready for a forever home. Volunteers need some cat experience, and the schedule is flexible Monday-Saturday with various times available, including some evenings.

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Cats, Custer St, Feral, FOF, pets, Seamus 5W0A9799-Edit_October 28, 2019.jpg

Come work with our Trap-Neuter-Return team and people in our community to help manage the neighborhood feral and stray cats. Includes trapping and returning cats to their outdoor homes, as well as feeding community cats. No experience needed – we will teach you!

FOF, Joey IMG_4750_May 25, 2021.jpg
FOF, Frisee, Greenwich Ave image1-Edit_May 15, 2021.jpg

Join Our Adoption Team

Join the team that manages the adoption and foster
process from developing cat profiles, to reviewing applications, to processing adoption paperwork, to counseling new adopters and fosters and following up on any post-adoption issues. Also includes participating in community events promoting animal welfare and adoption.

Dunkin, FOF IMG_6101_August 10, 2021.jpg
Aura, FOF IMG_6106_June 05, 2021.jpg
Cats, Diane, FOF, pets, Vincent IMG_2634_September 19, 2019.jpg
FOF, Frisee 234029621_381190716856944_3240654461714675629_n Frisee_August 14, 2021.jpg

Join the Social Media Team

Join the Fundraising Team

Help maintains our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet presence.

Help raise money to support the organization’s activities including annual and special fundraisers, drawings, and auctions.

FOF, John 237838943_388885719420777_6195950052863628663_n_August 17, 2021.jpg
Arugula, FOF, Greenwich Ave IMG_5099_June 28, 2021.jpg
Cats, Feral, FOF, pets, Trapping IMG_8724_August 10, 2018.jpg
Dunkin, FOF IMG_6215_August 12, 2021.jpg

Coordinate Events

Join the Communications Team

Help run fundraisers, adoption events, volunteer open houses, and man tables at community events.

Bonner St, FOF, nilla IMG_6988_October 01, 2021.jpg
FOF, Naan IMG_6307-Edit_August 16, 2021.jpg

Join the Operations Team

Prepare periodic newsletters and emails for supporters of Friends of Felines as well as other written materials.

Biscotti, Bonner St, FOF IMG_7024_October 01, 2021.jpg
bake sale, Cats, events, FOF, pets IMG_0997_October 21, 2018.jpg


Help market our cats by taking photographs for their adoption profiles and social media.

Perform critical operational support activities such as data entry, accounting, and mailings.

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FOF, Kokomo IMG_4342_April 15, 2021.jpg
FOF, timmy IMG_6344_August 12, 2021.jpg
Cats, FOF, pets, william IMG_3051_December 26, 2020.jpg

Translate Spanish and English

Assist in communications with Spanish speaking members of the community regarding adoptions and community cats.

FOF, John IMG_3919_March 10, 2021.jpg
FOF, Preston IMG_4054_March 16,  2021.jpg
Aura, FOF, pumpkins FoFCats_10012021_Aura_DSCF1370_October 01, 2021.jpg
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Email us at if you are interested in volunteering!

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