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About Us


Our Work

Our work and resources are solely focused on the well-being of homeless cats in our community. We provide humane trap-neuter-return (TNR) services, medical care, and food for outdoor community cats.  We rescue abandoned strays, homeless kittens, and cats in dire situations, get them healthy, and then find them new homes via a responsible adoption program.  We consult with members of the community to help with cat-related issues.  We have no physical location and rely on foster homes and a boarding facility (when no foster homes are available) to temporarily house our rescued cats until they are adopted.


The financial situation for our organization is that the number of cats that need help far exceeds our resources.  So, we are continually deciding how to best use the available resources (dollars, foster homes, and volunteers) while we fundraise to bring in more dollars and recruit new fosters and volunteers to continue this life-saving work.   

Our History

  Friends of Felines, Inc. has been helping the homeless and forgotten cats since 2001.

Since then, we have helped thousands of cats get off the streets and into forever homes. As long as there are cats in need of our help, we will do all we can to save them!

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