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Darius, FOF FoFCats_06012023_Darius_DSCF0832 copy.JPG
Darius, FOF FoFCats_06012023_Darius_DSCF0838 copy.jpg

Urgent: Foster or Foster-to-Adopt Home Needed

Meet handsome Darius, a 7-year-old feline urgently needing a foster or foster-to-adopt home. Since his rescue almost a year ago, he’s been residing in a boarding facility, patiently awaiting a forever home.

Darius is a sweet and playful companion. He delights in interactive play with volunteers, eagerly chasing wand toys and darting through tunnels. He is equally content to entertain himself with kick toys and catnip.  He appreciates affection and can be picked up but is not needy.  He prefers interactions on his terms. His litterbox habits are top-notch.  

Unfortunately, Darius is very stressed in the presence of other cats. The constant exposure to feline sights, sounds, and scents in his boarding environment is taking its toll, leading to some occasional spicy behavior. For Darius to thrive, he needs a quiet, cat-savvy home without pets or young children. Are you the compassionate cat lover willing to step forward to provide Darius with the loving foster or forever home he deserves?

If you believe you have the right environment for Darius or would like to learn more about fostering or adopting him, please fill out the foster or adoption application

[Applicants must reside within 45 miles of Stamford, CT, and have reliable transportation. Some cats may be restricted to a smaller radius on a case-by-case basis.]

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