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Nombre del gato

FOF, Jax FoFCats_09212023_Jax_DSCF1902 copy-Edit.JPG
FOF, Jax FoFCats_09212023_Jax_DSCF1883 copy-Edit.JPG

Introducing Jax, the charming tabby with an adventurous spirit! Rescued from a local I95 exit ramp, this nearly 2-year-old feline is ready to bring boundless joy to a loving home. Jax's exuberance is contagious – he's always up for a playful adventure.  When it's time to unwind, Jax transforms into a purring, contented kneading machine in the comfort of his bed. Jax is seeking a family that can match his energy and give him the attention he craves. While he adores interaction and playtime, he would do best in a home without young children.  His vibrant personality is sure to light up your home.

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[Tenga en cuenta que solo adoptamos hogares en la parte baja del condado de Fairfield y las cercanías de Nueva York.]

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