The Perfect Storm

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We find ourselves caught in a Perfect Storm.  First, we recently took in 18 traumatized, young cats hurriedly removed from a local hoarding situation. Committing to so many cats at once was a stretch for us, but we knew it was the right thing to do.  Second, like shelters and rescues across the country, we are experiencing a slow-down in adoptions.  Third, we are in the middle of a busy Kitten Season when we typically take in kittens from the outdoors, spay/neuter feral parents, and find homes for tame parents.  As a result of this storm, our financial resources are stretched, and we have too many cats.  

We are being forced to turn down or delay acting upon requests for assistance right now (kittens and their parents, lost or abandoned cats and even injured cats) until we have more adoptions, foster homes, and funding to support these rescues.

How can you help? Adopt, foster or donate. If you’ve been thinking about adopting, now is the time. If you can’t adopt, consider fostering. It is a shorter-term commitment. We will cover all medical expenses. If you can’t adopt or foster, please donate.  Today, we are starting a campaign to raise $20,000.  Your donation will help the cats rescued from hoarding and enable us to carry on our mission.  

All of us care about the homeless and forgotten cats in our community. Adopt, foster or donate. It will save lives!

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