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Can We Count On Your Support for 2023?


Thank you for all you've done in 2022 to protect and care for our community's homeless and otherwise forgotten cats.  You helped 300 cats this year.  You should feel terrific about this!

Our 2023 Giving Campaign is kicking off to continue this lifesaving work.  It started on Giving Tuesday, and we've received $10,000.  Thank you!  Our expenses will total approximately $200,000 in 2022, which is our donation target for 2023.

When cats in our community need help, your generosity provides the resources to heal their bodies and their minds.  You give them lifesaving medical care and a safe place to stay until adoption.  Some cats, like Mae, need more time and medical care than others.

Please read her uplifting story below.  There are so many like Mae that need our help. 

Please DONATE to continue this lifesaving work in 2023!

Saving Mae


In February 2020, we went out to rescue another cat and met Mae at the same location.  She was a very friendly stray with something horribly wrong with her ear, so we rescued her too.  Mae had a severe, painful ear infection that required multiple doctors, a huge surgery, and a lot of time to heal.  She never gave up, so we never gave up.  If she looks a little silly now with her lopsided ear, it suits her because Mae can be a little silly.  She's also sweet and affectionate and trusting, too.  And now, Mae is free of pain for the first time in a very long time.  Mae got lucky again when she found a foster home.  Of course, her foster mom fell in love and, earlier this year, gave Mae a forever home.  Your donations saved her life.

Please DONATE to continue this lifesaving work in 2023!

Featured Feline!

FOF, Jicama IMG_9039_February 05, 2022.jpg
FOF, Jicama Photo Oct 01, 12 34 40 PM_October 01, 2022.jpg
FOF, Jicama FoFCats_04222022_Jicama_DSCF3978 copy_April 22, 2022.jpg

Jicama is waiting patiently for his
furrever home!

To learn more about Jicama,  click 

To see our other cats for adoption click

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